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Chronic Illness Changes Your Relationship with Death

When you’re chronically ill you have an intimate understanding of how fragile the human body is because you live with it every minute of every day.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been sick for months or years, you’ve lost your … Continue reading

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Be Our Guest: Nobody Said It Was Easy

May is national neurofibromatosis (NF) month! What’s that? You ask.  Well, that is why it is really important we take note and learn about this devastating disease.  A friend of mine, who I have know since she was in diapers, … Continue reading

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You Are Not Alone

When you realize that the life you once knew is lost, all your hopes and dreams are shattered and everything you worked so hard to achieve has slipped through your fingers-You are not alone. When you want to give up … Continue reading

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Facing Death

I’m not the only one in my world dealing with severe illness.  Sometimes I’m the one on the outside, powerless to help, wishing for a cure, dreaming of an imaginary world in which someone I loved wasn’t suffering.  It’s heartbreaking.  … Continue reading

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Taking Back My Life, One Country at a Time

I did it!  I went to Scotland for two weeks, not only survived, but also had a good time.  Of course, it was different from traveling when I was healthy, but it was a giant triumph.  Traveling is one of … Continue reading

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Why Should I be Grateful?

Most days this is an impossible question to answer.  Not just for someone like me.  We all have our struggles and it’s hard to find that proverbial silver lining.  Especially when we are bombarded from every angle by news of … Continue reading

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The Worst of the Struggles

I’m not doing well.  Really, that’s a huge understatement.  I don’t have any clever sentences or pieces of humor to lighten this terrible disease we struggle with day in and day out.  Still outside of personal struggles with our symptoms, pain, … Continue reading

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