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Facing Death

I’m not the only one in my world dealing with severe illness.  Sometimes I’m the one on the outside, powerless to help, wishing for a cure, dreaming of an imaginary world in which someone I loved wasn’t suffering.  It’s heartbreaking.  … Continue reading

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Where is My Diagnosis?!?

Sometimes I wish I had cancer because even if you look “healthy” people understand that your body is quite ill.  There is an understanding in society regarding cancer and it garners much more understanding and compassion.  In reality, I’m sure … Continue reading

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“But You Look Great” The Challenges of Invisible Illness

An excellent definition of invisible illness comes from Social Work Today online, the November-December 2007 issue: “The term invisible illness refers to any medical condition that is not outwardly visible to others, even health care professionals. Invisible illnesses encompass a … Continue reading

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