Ch ch ch Changes…

We have moved! Aha! You think, “I knew that was coming.” Yes, well, the migration patterns of the Shawn and Kristen this year have been quite erratic they seem to have abandoned their usual westward migration to California and gone quite the distance east where they settled for only a month and a half. They have since picked up once again and moved south east about a mile and seem to be nesting there. Yep, you read that right, a mile away, but the important part is that we no longer have the smokers lounge below us which means we now reside in the free breathing section! I feel much better, Shawn
is still coughing up whatever made itself at home in his lungs (was that too much information?) and I have a whole flat to describe to you! But first the basic location, not that this will mean much to you if you never actually come to visit, but some lone soul out there might get to say “Hey, I know where that is!” We were in Partick, don’t know if anyone knew that but it’s a district or at least the UK version of a
district. Whatever the case, if Glasgow were some version of a circle and the university the center of a clock we only moved about fifteen minutes on that clock. Did that follow at all? Basically we are about the same distance from the university just on a slightly different side of it and in a more residential area which is nice for the noise factor, but now it’s quite a walk to go shopping.

Although our travel was faster than this, like stair master time, it felt this slow.

Although our travel was faster than this, like stair master time, it felt this slow.

Yes, the flat itself is quite beautiful, we are in the only remaining building of a close, which gives us a pseudo backyard with grass, shrubbery, trees and of course clothes lines. I still haven’t figured out how you dry clothes in the rain, must be a local talent.  We string our laundry out to dry through out the flat. We still have the lovely tall ceilings. The living room has three of the huge, taller than me, windows that just barely look out over the city. Just barely cause we are right at roof level with most of the buildings around us so if you stand on your tippy toes or climb the furniture it’s a great view. Must be a Glasgow thing, but the pink curtains are here too! However, they don’t seem quite as intrusive, less bright, and tastefully ceiling to floor. We have two comfy chairs and a love seat; they are covered in muted brocade, which doesn’t hurt the eyes or head. That means all our extra covers can be used for their intended purpose! We also have a functional coal fire with red brick tile surrounding it and a mantle, perfect for stockings. We considered hanging some socks, but thought it wouldn’t look much like Christmas, but more like laundry. There is also a television in here, but to get into that would be an email in itself. Lets just say they are weird in an interesting sort of way, particularly the advertising.

Our latest tap into a new culture...and boy is it an education.

Our latest tap into a new culture…and boy is it an education.

The bathroom has quite the set up as you walk in and the sink is to your right and next to it is the tub that runs lengthwise and at the very end of this great hall of a bathroom (really feels like it because the ceiling are so high) is the toilet. It’s all wood, with a version of a shower. You see, the shower is electric and old and tired so it doesn’t heat water as fast as its younger counterparts. So when it comes right down to it you have to decide if you want hot water or water pressure. Not a happy decision for those of us with long hair! The kitchen has no drawers but a bigger freezer, which means we can actually have ice cream! I’ve missed Ben and Jerry, you know. The bedroom would be hard for me to explain since I can’t name most of the furniture in this flat, because we have no closets. We have a bed, I know that one, and a desk and windows, but the stuff holding our clothes is not a closet. The smaller of the clothes holders has this nifty little feature where you pull on the metal thing and everything hanging comes out so you don’t have to go digging.  We have named it Bob. We also have the door that will keep anyone from America either from getting in or getting out. There is no doorknob on the outside and two on the inside. You pick the wrong knob on the inside and you lock yourself in. Heh heh, trapping tactics for our visitors! This place is considerably more elegant than the last. The other flat had personality, an affectionate euphemism for funkiness, just like when one guy was teased about the gutlessness of his motorcycle he replied, “It’s not gutless, it’s shy!”

There is no escaping now! Mwhahahaha!

There is no escaping now! Mwhahahaha!

Alright, that’s the much happier flat. Now for more good news; for the one who asked my why Shawn couldn’t make a living off of creating databases I am eating my words…chomp, chomp, chomp, mmm, needs salt, but not bad. Yep, Shawn is now making his living off of creating databases. The Hawaii-Scotland coop has now included a company down in Mexico. He is building this massive database that is way over my head and earning a decent sum. That means our major money stresses can relax, only now we have to sign up for use of the computer, as we only have the one and he has work and I have papers.

The future is here whether we like it or not.  But we like it...a lot.

The future is here whether we like it or not. But we like it…a lot.

The new flat has an amazing heater system, which I couldn’t technically describe, but the first night we were here it up and decided to shut off! We froze! Then the next day the repair guy gets it going and boy did it go. Slowly,throughout the day we kept shedding clothes piece by piece as we kept turning down the radiators. Very toasty day, wondering why they worked so well and wondering how on earth we should complain to the repair guy that they heater works too well? Talk about an oxymoron, luckily, somewhere along the way Shawn remembered that the temperature was also controlled by the big rumbling thing that makes it all go. We are just showing those blond roots aren’t we?

The heater here is amazing!

The heater here is amazing!

Outside of moving school plods on in the stressful end of term kind of way. I have one more paper to write and two to put the finishing touches on and then I can technically breathe. At least until January when I have a final or two. I have been a mad essay writer for the last couple of weeks and I’m hoping that I haven’t lost my happy writing edge because of it. Oh well, it will work out, always does. I took my first test last week! It was pretty hard considering the subject matter…it was biological clocks, everyone remember the keys to longevity? Yep, they can actually test on things like that. I found out only two days later that I got a B. Which normally I would be a bit pissy about, however, when its transferred home it becomes an A, because their grading system is whacked. They go from A to H and they don’t skip E, very strange, so A’s are quite unusual. Yay! Some proof that I am surviving their school system. Sadly, I don’t have anything horribly interesting to relay from my classes.

I'm sorry, what???

I’m sorry, what???

On to the peccadilloes of the Scots, do you remember the red bull being served in bars? Well, they didn’t stop there; they have actually bottled red bull and vodka. The really upsetting thing is that it doesn’t taste nearly as bad as it sounds. It seems the vodka takes the bite away from the red bull and vice versa so it tastes like an unidentified fruit drink. That is, until you try to stand! I have to hit on the television, just for a second, because it’s insane.  They have full nudity in the commercials, except for the male frontal thing. The shows are just as weird as at home, they have their version of the price is right and even who wants to be a millionaire. Pretty much the same give or take the accent and some of the cultural questions. However, those silly dating games, where they do the question answer and decide whom they want to date without seeing them. Well, they are very, very bawdy. For those who work faire, just picture the trio from Sound and Fury (you know, the ones who did Testiclees and the Sac of Rome) on the receiving end of a question like “if my body is a temple how do you plan to worship?” Yikes! It was really funny! The UK also seems to have the Virgin infestation. You could sit on your Virgin couch, drink Virgin cola, and book a Virgin flight on your Virgin laptop, while listening to you Virgin CD player and doing your Virgin make-up. They seem to have a hunk of every market.

Who knew?  Probably everyone except me.

Who knew? Probably everyone except me.

We finally made our way to the movie theatre here and saw Bedazzled, which was pretty good. The theatre reminded me of the Grand theatre in Oakland, if anyone out there has ever been there. It’s old with seats that are covered in the deep red velvet and a huge curtain covers the screen. They did have one stroke of genius that never would have crossed my mind! They have the bathrooms in the theatre, that is in the very back or front of the room is the girls and boys restroom respectively. That way you can at least hear whats going on. The only other difference was they show no previews, not one. Started with the Fox logo and moved right into the movie. Haven’t decided if I like this or not.

Of course I felt completely under dressed.

Of course I felt completely under dressed.

Alright, I think that covers life in the cold, grey, and short dayed Scotland. Sunset is now around 4 pm, which really screws with your mind, sitting in lecture watching the sunset is just not right!



That’s it! I’m done, until next time at least. Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember that with a little bit of logic I figured out why they didn’t celebrate that here! Silly girl!


Turkey day is purely an American holiday. DUH.

Turkey day is purely an American holiday. DUH.



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