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Where is My Diagnosis?!?

Sometimes I wish I had cancer because even if you look “healthy” people understand that your body is quite ill.  There is an understanding in society regarding cancer and it garners much more understanding and compassion.  In reality, I’m sure … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t You Freezing!?!

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Scottish are a pretty healthy society. As everyone from age two to eighty-two can walk miles and run up stairs, regardless of the level of inebriation. The walking miles I have down, but … Continue reading

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It’s All About Me-Yeah, Right!

Let me tell you a little story:  When I was in my early twenties, I met and started dating the man that was one of the best and longest relationships of my life.  Let’s call him Hal.  Hal was a … Continue reading

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The Truth Behind the Rude French

It happens all the time. Someone you know will visit France and though they might rave about the country, the food, the sights, they rarely give a shining review of the people. The reality is not that the French are … Continue reading

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