6 Things about Chronic Pain You Didn’t Know You Knew

Chronic pain isn’t just constant pain, though that would be more than enough for anyone to handle, the truth is chronic pain always brings friends. These added challenges are obvious, but rarely taken into consideration by “healthy” people.  Remembering that like all bullies chronic pain travels with a gang can help to better understand the life of someone in chronic pain.

Pain is exhausting.  We have all had a bad headache, a twisted knee, or a pulled muscle, and by the end of the day it is a monumental effort just to read the mail.  You may not have consciously realized it, but the pain that has relentlessly nagged you through out the day has drained you as bad as any flu.  Even when you try to ignore pain it will stay in the back of your mind, screaming for attention, draining away all of your energy. With chronic pain this is amplified because it isn’t just one day, it is months or even years of struggling to live with this very demanding monkey on your back.  I’m tired just thinking about it.

It just sort of snuck up on me.

It just sort of snuck up on me.

Pain causes poor sleep.  You would think that after a long day of fighting with constant pain sleep would be a great reprieve.  Unfortunately, this is just a dream (pun intended).  First chronic pain can make it hard to get to sleep and stay asleep.  The pain will pull you right out of deep sleep.  Many pain patients take medications to sleep, because sleep is vital to your health, chronic pain, or no.  Even when you do sleep, the pain signals continue to your brain and can cause sleep to be broken, restless, and oddly enough, exhausting.


Pain makes you cranky.  Chronic pain sufferers aren’t (all) just cranky buggers by nature.  Pain drains you physically and mentally.  When you are in pain even the simplest things feel overwhelming and people tend to react accordingly.  You may have only asked your chronic pain spouse if they would like to go to a movie, but in their head they have considered if they can sit still that long, how much medication it would require, if they have the energy, if they will stay awake through the movie, how high their pain is now and how it might increase, if they go will it make getting through tomorrow harder, and most importantly, given all this, will it be any fun.  They didn’t grouch at you for the fun of it, pain just makes it very hard to remember that everyone else is coming from a totally different perspective, where a movie is just, well, a movie.



Pain kills your concentration. Most chronic pain patients fight like crazy to live a normal life.  They try to ignore the pain and go about their days, but it’s just not that easy.  Even when you ignore pain, push it to the back of your brain and focus on, say, work, pain doesn’t give up.  You can sit at your desk, working on your computer, trying to concentrate, while your pain plays the part of a toddler desperate for your attention.  Pain will poke you, tug at your clothes, spill juice on your keyboard, scream your name and try to use your arm and leg as practice for the uneven bars.  No matter how hard you try to tune it out, part of your brain is always processing the pain and it often pulls your concentration to terrifyingly low levels.


Pain damages your self esteem.  The pain has made you tired, cranky, and killed your concentration.  Being exhausted all the time makes everything more of a challenge than it should be, your quick temper has strained or destroyed once strong interpersonal relationships, and your inability to concentrate has hurt your job performance.  You can’t do what you want to do with your time even when you try and it seems like everyone is mad or unhappy with you no matter your efforts.  Life as you know it is crumbling and all because of …you?  Most pain sufferers blame themselves for these failings, remembering that they used to be able to do everything.  They see chronic pain as a sign of weakness or a personal defect that they should be able to overcome.  The end result is that on top of everything else chronic pain damages your self esteem.

Appearances can be deceiving.

Appearances can be deceiving.

Pain causes isolation.  When you’re in constant pain the last thing you want to do is attend the company party, the neighbor’s backyard barbecue, or even small gatherings with your closest friends and family.  Your friends and family are still the light of your life, but the physical and mental energy it requires to go out and be social can be just too much to handle.  You start to bow out of parties and cancel plans, not because you don’t want to go, but because you just can’t.  Eventually people stop inviting you, calls to make plans decline, and the scary thing is you don’t mind.  The pain has slowly, but surely, isolated you.

Take three, they are small.

Take three, they are small.

What about you?  What are some effects of pain that seem obvious, but aren’t?


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I'm an adventure, living life to the fullest, and doing stupid things enthusiast, whose life took a serious left turn into chronic invisible illness. My saga of adventures in the world and in medicine never fail to keep life interesting.
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572 Responses to 6 Things about Chronic Pain You Didn’t Know You Knew

  1. Kay Bailey says:

    My husband has had two
    Failed back surgeries and still no relief…His days
    Are hell from the time he stands on his feet and proceeds painstakingly to his chair with no relief throughout the day to the time he makes the long journey back to his bed, and when he gets flat on his back he lies painless until the next morning when he repeats the agony once again day after day after day ….

    • Kay, I don’t know where you live, but there is a specialist in New York at Columbia Presbyterian who is a miracle worker. May be worth a trip — you can also call him. Google him. Dr. Mark Weidenbaum – spine specialist. He operated on my 75 year old neighbor and she is fine. It was a 3-6 month recovery, but she takes the bus, goes shopping, walks in the park. As a matter of fact, I am seeing him next month because I am suffering from this debilitating hip pain (my Orthopedic said I needed another hip replacement. He peformed one about 6 years ago and it went fine). But I want to see Dr. Weidenbaum to make sure it is not a disk problem, which mimics hip pain, as I also suffer from degenerative disks. I feel for your husband and pray he finds a miracle doctor.

  2. Ed says:

    Yep yep yep no understanding with people try having a migraine every day of your life most people sleep all day or call in work sick but not chronic pain suffers were expected to go insane then people might understand . Chronic pain is a balancing act for me I’m happy when I get four hours of sleep at night having to drug myself to the point of passing out starts to take it toll on me but I feel much better the next day after sleep again chronic pain suffers have to sleep spending all day dealing with pain . Good article hits a nerve

  3. Great article, I feel/live through all of these issues daily 🙉
    I really feel like I’m constantly fighting with the pain related issues of who I am now, and who I was, and of course want to be.. chronic illness and pain daily is such a life ruiner for me everything I wanted and was has just been slowly picked off until I’m left with no identity of anything anymore other than being chronically ill.. at 27 this shouldn’t be my life since 15 years old but it is. Illness rob’s you of everything you wanted or want to do. You constantly have to think everything through before doing it, just as you stated in the movie analogy, that is so my life struggle.. we fight so hard to feel happy or normal even for just a little while 🙈 ..however much it costs us later.. ///always paying the piper lol

    Hugs 💜

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  5. Padster says:

    I have osteoporosis (DEXA score minus 3 with a 26% fracture risk). I didn’t really notice it at first, but after three Reclast infusions it has got progressively worse, to the point that I now take painkillers pretty much every day. I can’t play my music for more than 45 minutes without getting severe pain in the back and ribs, and as a result I am contemplating selling my instruments. I know that the pain is only going to get worse as time passes, and it thoroughly depresses me. Suicide is becoming a serious option, and I have already chosen a modus operandi should I ever decide to go through with it. I am rather a sad case. On top of osteoporosis, I have Addison’s disease, a kidney transplant, hypopituitarism, growth hormone deficiency and am infertile. This life holds nothing for me. It is a pit of misery.

    • John Martin says:

      I’m sorry to read your post and can without a doubt relate to how you’re feeling due to years of pain and disability from illness, car accidents and operations (with all their residual effects).
      Feeling like you would rather not exist is normal in your situation but you are alive for a reason, even if that reason is a mystery to you right now.
      I don’t want to come across as a “bible thumper” as I am not a fundamentalist Christian. I do however believe that what Christ taught and the example He gave us is the highest ideal we can strive to achieve but am aware that others do not agree.
      That said, I did not bring myself into being and I don’t believe I have the right to take myself out. If I really, truly believed (without a trace of doubt) that there was nothing after this life and I was not answerable to anything or anyone, I would have checked out long ago.
      Life may not seem fair from our perspective but we have a limited perspective and do not know what is being accomplished and/or remedied by our suffering (or anyone else’s for that matter).
      We often complain that life is not fair and on the surface that appears to be an unassailable truth. My reason for faith in Christ is that His words are the only ones that ring true to me. Trying to live as He asked us to makes living under painful circumstances possible. It can give redemptive meaning and purpose to not only my own suffering, but to all the unjust suffering that has been experienced by everyone throughout history.
      When we suffer and offer it to Christ to unite with HIs own saving act, I believe we somehow mysteriously take part in His redemptive action. When we give up and/or refuse to accept the hard things life brings our way we could be short circuiting an eternal destiny beyond our comprehension. “Hope against hope” ie I hope when there appears to be no reason to hope.
      Take care of yourself and please don’t give up 😉

      • Padster says:

        Who is to say the afterlife isn’t just another cycle of learning through pain? Who is to say we don’t just come back here to do it all over again? Until you really wake up, you will never understand the utter senselessness of our lives. We are not free, we are in a prison. I used to believe the suffering Christ spiel but I don’t buy it any more. You don’t agree, but then you are not living in my shoes. The cycles of suffering some people have to endure are so great that they begin to affect the mind and one’s outlook on life. Once physical suffering becomes mental suffering, you are effectively finished as a functioning human being, for mental suffering is far worse than anything physical. There’s no eternal destiny. I just don’t see it anymore. I believe all matter is evil, and I believe this world was created with evil intent. Every living thing on this planet suffers because of it.

        Don’t you realise that this Earth is a prison? Don’t you understand that the God of the Old Testament is pure evil? Ever wondered why no-one is allowed to see His face? Ever wondered why he lied in Genesis and the serpent told the truth?

        Best wishes,

      • deanna says:

        you are so right about taking your life ! I think about it all the time but then I say to my self, what if it is true ? I always lived by try to be good person if I took my life what if I go to hell ? that scares a hell out me 2nd my daughter could never handle that it would destroy her , so what are we gonna do with this horrible pain 24/7 ? I just cant live with this pain anymore how many pills can you take ? thy don’t even help , I have cut myself from every one I barely answer the phone any more , I’ve been suffering since 202 how much longer ?? I couldn’t believe I found this page it was like thy were talking about me , I cant talk to any one about how sick I feel & have 0 energy really,, this is not living ! its not even survival ,, I really feel for all of you b’s I understand no one can understand what you are going trough every single minute of your life, I feel worse for younger people that is absolutely horrible , what bothers me the most, with all the technology today thy cant find A way to help you ? besides giving you med , I hate them but what other choice do you have??

      • Beth says:

        John Martin,

        As a chronic pain sufferer for many years now I appreciate your comments! Thank you.

      • hannahtk says:

        Bless your faithful witness. I have found Him to be a faithful friend and source of hope in this very dark, pain-racked life. It won’t be long till we are freed from it! Keep the faith, be an encouragement to others, laugh and cry with them, and speak the truth in love!

    • Lee says:

      Padster, I am so sorry, both for your physical pain and your emotional pain. I am also sorry for your spiritual pain. I suffer from agoraphobia, panic attacks, and depression that includes suicidal thoughts. But God is not evil, He sent the only thing He had left to give us, His Son, who died to bring us hope. We live in a fallen world, and it is not pleasant for everyone. Yet I am, and you are, part of God’s plan. If He didn’t want us here, we would not be here. I am in my fifties and never was able to get married. People around me mock the weight gain my medication has caused. I have no thyroid left, bad knees and chronic foot pain which keeps me from exercising. I am always sick to my stomach and exhausted no matter how much I sleep. 99% of my friends have abandoned me as I am no longer “fun”. While I struggle with anger towards God, I also feel His comfort. I hope you can find it within yourself to draw upon it as well. I hope you find a doctor that will help you with your chronic pain as well. You are not a sad case. You are a beautiful human being.

  6. John Martin says:

    How old are you Padster? You make a lot of assumptions about someone you’ve never met who just wanted to reach out to a stranger who expressed they were in pain (ie you).

    If my post is of no help, I’m sorry, but I believe what I believe and am grateful for my Faith.

    So you’re just a little bit aware of the the situation in which I live; I’m over 60 years of age and have had chronic pain since I was eighteen, which is when degenerative disc disease first set in. I have over six feet of scars on my body from various accidents and operations; more than one of which came very close to taking my life, causing lasting damage and pain. Due to this damage, I have been on disability for decades. No car, no house, no job, no wife etc.

    I doubt you’d believe some of the things I could tell you about the life I’ve lived but that really doesn’t matter. You seem to think no one could possibly suffer like you. It seems because you can’t find any answers then no one else can and that what they have come to perceive through their life experience is mistaken or fantasy..how’s that workin’ for you?

    As for me having ever wondered about things…I’ve been doing it for over half a century and doubt I’ll ever have all the answers. I have enough to be somewhat at peace, at least until it’s time for all to be revealed (likely when I die, if the world is still spinning).

    I take it a day at a time because that’s how life comes.

    As far as the “Old Testament God” goes, there’s only one God. If you object to the violence in the OT then it would seem you haven’t read or taken into account what a violent, lawless world existed at the time. Much of the violence in the OT was a measured response to even more horrific acts of violence being perpetrated at the time. Some of the members of the human race seem to evolve over time and hopefully bring others with them. Anyway, it’s much too complex to get into here.

    God is the author of creation and has simply asked that truth of this fact be acknowledged, before granting further gifts and privilege. The consequences of not acknowledging God’s dominion over His creation are readily apparent in the world we live in. We cannot see God’s Face because God is a Spirit. God united His Being to humanity in Christ in order that we might “see His Face” and join in His Life. In part on this earth but completely once we are perfectly transformed.

    Lastly, I think it’s It’s a bit strange to come on to a forum to vent your misery and then turn on someone who responded to your obvious cry for help in the best way they knew how. I’m sorry I don’t have a million dollars for you to buy your happiness but I pray you receive the help you obviously need.

    God is Love: I’m sorry your “insights” tell you otherwise.

    Good luck; as it appears you need it.

    • Padster says:

      You are very much stuck in a material worldview in which it is thought money can buy happiness. Circumstances have pushed me beyond such a worldview, and if you indeed could give me a million pounds it wouldn’t make a scrap of difference. For it is merely what British prisoners call ‘snout’: something to relieve one’s incarceration and loss of liberty for a short while. We are both spirits and we do not need salvation from our sins. Instead, we need to be liberated from the dungeon of matter we are imprisoned in, and, no one can do it for us except ourselves. 46 years of unremitting suffering has taught me that. Christ is not going to save me from the pits of depression and despair: either I save myself or I spiral into the abyss of mental illness.

      God is indeed the author of creation, as you stated. But this creator-God is not the God of Love which you mentioned. They are two separate deities. The true God, the God of Love, issues no orders or demands. The Old Testament God however issues lots of orders and demands, tells lies to Adam and Eve, and is very insecure. This God imprisons spirits in matter so that his world can evolve (you seem to agree with this.) But these spirits are extremely unhappy, and that is why we are seeing global unrest and a burgeoning mental illness epidemic. This will continue to get worse as more and more people realise just how enslaved they are, and what little freedom they really have. If God is a spirit, then he must be a malevolent one, for no pure and loving spirit would want to dirty its hands creating such a dog-eat-dog ‘kill and eat or die’ system in which consumption is the order of the day. But then God goes even further and cruelly and diabolically puts the blame on his creatures for this sad state of affairs. The apparent ‘consequences of not acknowledging God’s dominion over His creatures’ is a direct result of this ‘survival of the fittest’ system. We emptied the oceans of 50% of all marine life precisely because we were the strongest and the fittest, and the fish were weaker than us.

      I urge you to read the Bible again, because by its own standards you do not have the luxury of dropping the inconvenient baggage of the OT. Luke chapter 16 verse 17 states that: “it is easier for Heaven and Earth to pass away than for one dot of the law to become void”. Jesus is very much reinforcing all the old laws, including the ones about slavery (which explains why he made no mention of slavery being wrong when healing a man’s slave). These laws helped embolden slave-owners and planters on Barbados and the like. And the worst slave transporters were often from Christian countries.

      Best wishes,

      • John Martin says:


        Sorry you took me so seriously re the money comment as I’m fully aware money does not buy true happiness.
        I suppose my “million dollar” comment was an off-hand way of saying I wish there was something I could help you with, but you leave very little room for anyone to offer anything with your utterly pessimistic attitude.You didn’t mention your age but you sure seem sure of yourseIf and your own take on reality! (BTW your ideas are far from new as they somewhat reflect the centuries old Manichean heresy.)

        I have no interest in gnostic interpretations of the Bible but my world view is far from materialistic. I believe a large part of your problem is that you “lean too much on your own understanding” and fail to even attempt to see anything from an eternal perspective.

        Lastly, your understanding of Jesus’ words is incredibly narrow and in the case of His “jot and tittle” statement, far too literal (but to each his own, so again, good luck).

        I guess all you have left is life’s a bitch and then you die!

      • Padster says:

        I am very sorry for the comments I have made and I ask for your forgiveness. You are absolutely correct, I lean on my understanding far too much, and I now recognize the errors in my thinking and in Gnosticism.

        Alongside my physical health problems, I have been suffering a great deal of mental and spiritual pain recently. Pain so intense that it makes one want to die. The Devil knows I am fully aware of God’s existence, for God is as real to me as members of my own family. So the Devil has been twisting things round to make God appear evil. He has introduced Pagan gods into my experiences and sown confusion with other religions in an effort to smash my Christian faith to pieces. I now know that Justin Martyr was correct: the Devil ‘pre-copied’ these other gods to discredit Jesus Christ.

        But these other religions never rang true to me, and I found reincarnation thoroughly repulsive as a concept. As my Christian faith started to wither, I began losing my identity and security. I also lost the ‘homeliness’ and inner warmth I used to feel. I used to associate these feelings with home and family, but now I realise that they came from my Christian faith.

        Last night was horrendous. I had never felt pain like it. The mental and spiritual pain was so intense that it was manifesting as physical pain. [Warning: what I am about to say might seem odd]. But then the invisible being who is always with me wrapped me in its arms and its warm energy melted away the pain. Then I heard the words: “My sheep know my voice”.

        That single event is responsible for my change of heart and for my apology to you. I am sorry if I might seem a bit odd to you that I should suddenly change like that, but it is God’s kindly influence upon me which has brought it about.

        Best wishes,

    • Robin Smith says:

      I do believe in God in the finished works of Jesus Christ over 2000 years ago I know I have enough Faith to be healed but I live in chronic pain 24/7 that just absolutely brings me to my knees is to ruined my whole entire life I don’t go anywhere I can’t do anything my whole life is over as far as seeing people being able to go to my own birthday party I miss being able to do anything I do my Bible study because I can’t go to church I can’t drive my pain is too unbearable to do anything it never leaves it doesn’t Wax and Wane it’s always bad bad bad bad bad but I have enough Faith to be healed however I’ve been here for over 10 years

    • Stephanie Freeman says:

      Please don’t beat anybody up on here, one day at a time is what some of us only have. Whereas this day may be a very angry one and tomorrow may be a sad one, with another being thankful that we got this far, for, say our family or even for a friend, a dog that needs our love, Iv’e got three that seems to be happy to get a pat on the head. Would that be cruel, should I let my dogs go? I don’t really want ur opinion on that cause we are happy with just that. I cry everyday when I realize that today I won’t be able to do what I would like, or accomplish a small little itty bitty task, everyday now my pain rules. As does my God telling me to hang on. I get mad at him too, thank you Jesus he doesn’t hold a grudge

  7. John Martin says:

    I’m assuming you’re sincere so appreciate your apology; as much for you as for myself as it indicates a degree of awareness and openness not shown in previous comments.

    Your statements and experience does not seem odd (to me at any rate). I live alone and spend the vast majority of my time alone, so can appreciate your comment about God being as real as family.
    He is reality itself and without occasional consolation from the Holy Spirit and a strong, abiding gift of Faith in Christ, I would be unable to bear what life sometimes brings.

    I hope the experience you describe stays with you and that you can remain with a Faith you appear to have had previously, but lost temporarily due to the difficult trials you have been subjected to.

    You seem to have turned a page in your life; I truly hope that you have and that your perseverance through the pain helps you to heal and grow. I wish I had more to offer than words but have prayed for you that Our Lord would help you in dealing with your pain and the resulting confusion and depression. Life CAN be very, very difficult and unbearably painful at times but all things do ultimately pass, even if they sometimes feel as if they will not.
    I don’t make a habit of “Bible thumping” but thought these short verses might express my feelings/hopes for you better than my own words could….

    Romans 5:3-4
    And not only this, but we also exult in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance; and perseverance, proven character; and proven character, hope;

    James 1:12
    Blessed is a man who perseveres under trial; for once he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him.

    And in Jesus’ words:
    Matthew 24: 10-13
    10 And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another. 11 Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. 12 And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. 13 But he who endures to the end shall be saved.


    • U guys seriously need to grow up /stop arguing somewhere where no one else wants to see it but u.. if either of u were mature as your ages state, you would have agreed to disagree! Move on dude

      • John Martin says:

        No one was arguing. Padster was obviously i crisis and I was simply offering another perspective on things.

  8. tracie says:

    I have a progressive, crippling disease, called Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT) so add to this seriously damaged or dead peripheral nerves, Dysplasia in hips (right replaced).
    I have also scoliosis, hearing loss, severe weakness, loss of grip in hands, cramping, neck, back pain and my shoulders are going.
    My condition will only get worse and I get to be treated like an addict because I require medications I don’t like but because of people who abuse medications all of us are put through humiliation. No, people don’t get it.

  9. John Martin says:

    “No, people don’t get it”
    I think all of us who suffer chronic pain agree that most people, even many otherwise good doctors, often don’t get it.

  10. Michael d goulet says:

    This is so true doctors don t get it

  11. Paul says:

    I feel like I have gone on as far as I can go. I have lost everything I prided myself by doing. I no longer have the one person I love more than anything. I feel like I am at the end of my rope.

    • John Martin says:

      Paul, do you have anyone at all whom you can reach out to, or is there a crisis number where you live?
      They may not know you/your situation but sometimes just talking to someone helps a bit until you can think a bit more clearly about what the best next step to take is.

  12. Robert Walton says:

    I inhereted a disease from my mother called cppd. Diagnosed at 34. No problems much except drain fluid off joints when they acted up. Age 60 my joints wore down and started joint replacements. I am now 84 and was in good condition with tolerable pain until about 2 years ago when had revision of left hip. Got infecion and went thru 3 mos in wheelchair wnile killing infection. Put in new one and got another infection same ordeal and had third one put in. Spent year off and on in rehabs and hospitaL. At this time I have all 6 major joints replaced and 4 months out from latest shoulder surgery. Has not done well at all. Now knees hurt bad as have been in 24 years. The quads in my legs hurt when I walk especially after sitting long period. This is major pain. The cppd has now effected all joints knuckles , wrists, back, neck, etc. The pain is nearly impossible to take but wife does not understand. Reading item above reminds me I tried suicide not long ago. Put shell in revolver but put on wrong side of barrel. Pulled twice nothing. By that time my wife stopped me. Now I think if only I would have practiced….if only. I am now 84 and have no idea how many years I have yet. I am lucky as when I sit or in bed I do not hurt. Chronic pain is tough!

  13. Deborah Esparza says:

    I learned why my behavior has take a turn for the worst. I sent to my two grown children because they are always on me about how horrible I am they can’t seem to remember when I wasn’t like this, horrible person they say consistently.. need some advice to try and get them to understand.

  14. Deborah Esparza says:

    I have learned why I became this hirable person. I living with a muscular and skeletal disease. In consent pain. Then in cold weather it take all I could do to not throw in the towel. My grown children are always putting more pressure on me, by calling me a horrible person they have ever meet. I really wish I could reach them, or make them remember the oerson I use to be.

  15. Terry says:

    I don’t know where to start after reading what many people go thru.

    First, think about how long I’ve been living with pain. Many don’t believe me, only people who know me and see me kind of know what I’m going thru.
    Think about this for those who have been in pain for various reasons.
    For me? All this started in 1977, now it’s 2017, and come this oct 2017,
    It will be 39, 40 years in severe pain,
    That’s no typo error, it’s 40 (forty) years and 4 times in hospital all doctors said nothing can be done.

    Why? Because I had premature osteoarthritis, at age 34.
    Worse part is I probably had the greatest job anyone could ask for ….
    Oh man I can go on and on,
    40 damn years, tests and procedures in hospital which hurt.

    One dr explained why pain is bad and told me it will get worse and I should move to warmer climate.
    I see already this will be too long my story, except one thing dr told me and showed me my X-rays.
    In short. The bones in lumbar area are growing into the nerves around the spine.
    All this not due to accident!
    It’s “premature advanced” arthritis all kinds of medical terms.
    Please believe me, I’ve tried everything, injections in sacral, and epidurals and burning of the nerves “neurotomy”
    Even with me asking my dr “how about surgery” he flatly said no surgery.

    I don’t know what to say or do. I feel lost and alone but after reading what other people have, in a weird way I didn’t feel alone. This is my very first time even telling my story which isn’t even everything like I’m going crazy with pain, no sleep, no appitite bla bla bla.
    I’m sorry for going on and on.

    • Kelly says:

      Terry-I have premature osteo also (but your situation sounds so much worse with the major nerve involvement). I also have had to stop doing what I enjoy as work which is the fieldwork part of engineering. I empathize so very much; people can’t see it, so it’s not happening. You’re not alone.

  16. Jo says:

    OMG This chronic pain describes my life to a T.The last 3 years have been hell!

  17. James says:

    I had a spine injury from a spinal cord stimulator trial about a year-and-a-half ago. I lost most of the use of my left leg and live a life of chronic pain. I can get around with a cane but the pain is so bad I find it hard to do anything. Even sitting upright hurts I spend most of my time laying on our sectional. I have a wife and a 11 year old son and I know my wife has totally had it with my problem. I want to end my life and have decided how with an exit bag but the when is a problem because I know it will be devastating to my son who loves me very much. But I just can’t go on like this, everyday and night is such a struggle and I know it makes it tougher for the few people close me. You really can’t understand the life of chronic pain without living it. It just destroys you emotionally and you just don’t care about things anymore. Even the people you love. I have tried everything possible to end this pain but nothing works I keep waiting each day for it to get better but it never does. Pain meds do help a great deal when I nI had a spine injury from a spinal cord stimulator trial about a year-and-a-half ago. I lost most of the use of my left leg and live a life of chronic pain. I can get around with a cane but the pain is so bad I find it hard to do anything. Even sitting upright hurts I spend most of my time laying on our sectional. I have a wife and a 11 year old son and I know my wife has totally had it with my problem. I want to end my life and have decided how with an exit bag but the when is a problem because I know it will be devastating to my son who loves me very much. But I just can’t go on like this, everyday and night is such a struggle and I know it makes it tougher for the few people close me. You really can’t understand the life of chronic pain without living it. It just destroys you emotionally and you just don’t care about things anymore. Even the people you love. Pain meds help a great deal when I have to or need to to go somewhere with my family but with the government issues and the crackdown on opiates I had to cut back on taking those. Just another thing to make my days much more difficult. I still have some hopes that this pain will ease up but I really doubt it will happen and I don’t take the tragic step of ending my life. To all out there who suffer like I do I wish you the best.

    • Paul says:

      I understand what it is like to live with constant pain, so I sympathise with you, because your situation is much worse than mine. I have osteoporosis (DEXA score -3.5 with 20% risk of fracture). It didn’t bother me at first, but now it is starting to get a grip on me. Yesterday was bad pain wise, but the mental anguish is worse. I woke up this morning and realised that this thing is unstoppable. I wept quietly (there are other people in the house and I don’t want them to hear me). I have already had three Reclast infusions and judging by what the doctors say, the game is up, for the osteoporosis is advancing. I might get one more but that will be it. They know there is nothing that can be done. I try to keep going in my daily life, but in all honesty I have lost the will to live. I am a musician, but I cannot really get much enjoyment from my music because of the pain I get in the back and ribs if I sit upright for too long. I have already given up the piano and rarely play it anymore, and I took up the harp instead (folk type, not one of those monster classical ones!). Now I am experiencing the same back and rib pain playing the harp that I did playing the piano. It depresses me. Music is the only enjoyment I have in this rotten life. I am riddled with disease, cannot work and am single. Thankfully my parents are still around and I live with them. If they weren’t here I wouldn’t hesitate to end the whole rotten show. It has been a train-wreck from the beginning.

  18. Michael Sanders says:

    That hits home and the fact that it’s right more so than I thought it explains things that I’m going through and did not even realize until reading this. Pain is a burden upon itself. Some days I don’t want to keep living with this bully pain

  19. Kamila says:

    its maybe bad what i will tell but i was searching in comments people who suffer like me but didnt found any.Most of people here still able to walk for short time or do anything.
    I am spending 1 year in bed and previous 2 years alsmot all time in bed.
    I will tell my story from beginning.
    So 3 years ago i get torrible soft palate pain, i cold not even swallow due to this, so i lost weight till 38 kg and was weak most time in bed. I didnt get diagnosis.Was time when my mom must hold me because i wanted jump from balcony. Slowly i forces myself to eat even with pain so i get stronger.I used to live with this pain atleast i could walk.
    then i get strange head pain, felling like drunk or flue like all time-i again back to bed.
    I get pregnant -head pain still with me, also i got sciatica pain-so big that i didnt even stand up to go bathroom.So i felt pitty i didnt wanted stand up before-i mean when i had only this strange head fellings.After pregnancy slowly this sciatica gone so i thought “wow now i will stand up”
    No way… new things come-i get torrible stomach pain, goes to Emergency they made CT and found i have extremarly rare sickness-ovarian vein thrombosis as results of ceasarian.Ok i got medicines but pain didnt gone. In my country they dont want do surgery for it-i found many articles from all world prepared by doctors who performed this surgery. This thrombosis can lead even to septic but here in my country told ovarian vein thrombosis is not big deal.When I told to doctors in my country i found articles about surgery they told me its contived articles -doctors typed about not true story?! So many of them?Also i read one girl had removed ovary because its not get enought blood and its died. When i telling this to doctors they told ovarian have 2 veins bla bla its will be extremarly rare.So what??! Ovarian blood clot is also rare but i get it!
    To doctors i am only able to go by wheel chair, they see how i suffer but they dont want even do diagnostic laparoscopy- in my country they do laparascopy only to remove some part of body-not for diagnosis.
    I have big level of CRP but they not care-gave me antibiotics but i am still in pain.Also my liver results now is very bad i guess due to all pills.
    Despite of pain in left side (blood clot is also on left side)-this pain i fell when move -i have other pain.Its all abdomen pain!!!! Also pain while finishing urinate. But this all abdomen pain is killing me!. I can not sleep without pills. Last 5 days pain radiate even to back-maybe i also get kidney infection who knows..Or my ovary is condition which gave pain everywhere? I dont stand up from bed.Pain is so big that i would scream and its 24 hours day-night.I want find some sickness in which people feel terrible pain all time to know i am not only one,i am not alone with this-but i can not find.People who have not even 5 minutes daily good time without big pain.
    If anyone want contact me its my email dekhonaa@wp.pl

    • Kamila says:

      I can count my days in 3 years when i was stand up from bed.
      Now pain is so big that surely i would suicide but i think about my small daughter.

  20. Robin Smith says:

    I first started having pain in junior high I was seeing an orthopod as early as that I worked in the emergency room from 28 years and I had to go on disability I have severe neural foraminal narrowing with severe Flavin wall thickening with Uncle spurring shortened pedicles and you name it tons tons tons narrowing damage no one will do surgery on me I’ve been in 10 years of pain that is a 10 every single second of the day feels like somebody is shooting me in the neck with the big huge sawed-off shotgun and in the shoulders down my spine it never ever ever goes away I’ve been in bed 10 years my whole life is changed it’s over

  21. Intractable pain vs. chronic pain…I found this site helpful (you likely need to copy/paste to go directly to the appropriate site).

    The only treatment with any success at all is life long opined treatment so you’d need to find a good doctor and/or pain clinic. I’ve been on meds for near 30 years.

  22. I can not believe the attitudes on here regarding God and evil being the cause of your pain. I too have chronic pain. I was running errands for my work this morning and thought about the suffering I was doing and how people must see my face and assume I am angry. I am really just trying to be able to stand in that check out line without having to leave and find a place to sit. Then I walk out of the store and in the foyer I wonder if I could take down one the chairs they have on sale in stacks and sit in one for two minutes so I can make it to my car. When I get to my car there is a lady parked next to me with the window rolled down and she asks is I am ok. I tell her I am fine and then I realize she is asking me if I have enough room to get in my car or is she parked too close. But then I notice she is staring at me lower myself oh so slowly into the seat of my car because of the pain in my hip joints and my legs.
    It is very disturbing to me that the medical profession can not tell me what is causing my pain. Sometimes it is both sides of my body sometimes the right for a few hours then the left. When I lay down at night in the bed because I am so exhausted physically from enduring the pain all day I actually believe I will get relief. I might doze off for 10 minutes only to wake up in even greater pain and in other places like my neck and arms.
    The pain travels around my body like a vicious virus trying to take over my entire being. It does a pretty good job. In my mind I think I can do things like I used to do like put up curtains until I start to try to climb the ladder and realize my legs are not strong enough.
    No plain medication I have been given helps alleviate the pain.But I am on antidepressants and am told people on them experience greater pain than others. I have not taken opiods because I have a tendency to take a lot of pills when I get desperate at night when I can’t sleep.
    Doctors are so stupid and confused. They don’t really know what to do. They don’t care if we suffer. But they act like they are God. There is your evil.
    The answer is not to lay in your bed but to push yourself to do just a little more than you think you can. Never give up. Someday you will be finally relieved of all your pain. Of this I do believe.
    And, no one understands unless they live here too. So you should support each other in this not back bite.

    • Beth says:

      Kate you are telling my story. I feel the same way about the doctors. I can’t stand in line either. Most of my pain centers in my low back. I have endured 2 hip replacements trying to get my life back. I live day by day. never give up

  23. nsElaine Love says:

    Thanks for article I have lived with chronic pain for years. This describes me perfectly but I thought this was just me

  24. Penny says:

    I will be your pain pal! I accidentally typed pain pal instead of pen pal, but it suits our situation better. I had a partial hysterectomy in 2007 and after a shitty surgery was left with seizures and migraines. Yes, I sued; but apparently being disabled for the rest of your life is only worth $15,000. Either that or I had a shitty lawyer. I kind of think it was a combination of both. Anyway, 11 months ago, I was also diagnosed with Lupus, Fibromyalgia, OA, RA, & MS. NO KIDDING! Every since the “addicts” triggered the anti drug laws people like me get turned away while the addicts still get their fix. I don’t necessarily want pain medication; I would be just as happy if someone did the work to figure out what was causing the problem and treat it. bu as soon as you mention “pain”, they automatically tune you out and secretly put you on a list.

  25. Steph says:

    For. 4 yrs now I’ve dealt with chronic neck pain because I trusted someone I got drunk n passed out he hit light pole going 60 I had no airbag,seatbelt. Coma 4 days my own mom n bro ditched me two yrs ago cuz I nap daily always massaging neck I can’t find a man I’m trying to wry to take care of self n son on our own. I don’t see y life is worth living I’d rather not know or feel anything.I get, feel no love, always in pain

  26. Cap says:

    I had shoulder surgery years ago as a result as a comp case. I was still in pain well after the surgery and got sick of being poked and prodded. I’m allergic to pain killers and I just wanted to move on with my life I felt like the hopelessness and pain were making me depressed.. I can’t fake it anymore I’ve tried to build it back up but the pain is making everything unbearable I feel like I’m depressed and losing my mind

  27. In 2015 I was a passenger involved in a car accident.thankfully .I was the only one injured.I had a T12 compound fracture.Iv had tests done and I also now have Disentegrating Disc Disease.And Arthritis.In 2004 I was given Lamictal which I was diagnosed with Steven Johnson Syndrome.Iv had terret/seizures since I was a baby.I had taken the first dose of chantix .It’s now made me more sensitive to my Depakote And My Prozac .I’ve tried dry needling pinpoint injections I’m allergic to anti inflammatory.I can’t even take a Tylenol.I do try to stay fit .I use a heating pad.religiolsy
    I try natural foods and vitamins.I love to do yoga And work my muscles to keep my back strong.As ,I’ve been trying to figure out how to word with my body .I’ve noticed.My body is getting a worse.I Try to be positive this to shall pass.I find as the days go by the wheather changes cold Hits me in my lower back humidity hits I’m thinking my arthritis because it’s in my upper back in the muscles .My joints are always burning.I do my best to just get through and deal with this.Sometimrs more than not.Im shedding tears and or holding them back breathing and There are times I’m unable to do anything but cry.and beg god.To not take away the pain ,But to ease it.Its an everyday battle.Its getting more difficult and more painful.Im not a drug seeker. I don’t honestly like taking medicine.There has to be someone and something.to ease this.Im 38 yrs.Old I ask anyone to help me .In anyway.I don’t like hearing sorry there’s nothing we can do to help you.A man has been walking in space ,All the technology and Intelligent people in the world.And There’s nothing Or noone to help me.Im sending this because.Any relief that won’t give me an aja allergic reaction would be grateful.Im not I won’t I can’t give up .I’m asking for someone to help me .I’m looking for someone to not judge me but see This is real and try to help me help myself,In any way.Thank you
    Please someone has to care.

    • Gary says:

      I feel your pain Melissa. I had a serious car wreck with a semi 6 yrs ago. It put me in an orthopedic no man’s land. I’ve got bulging disks, some leakage, arthritis, etc., but nothing an orthopedist can cut on so to them, my issues are non-existent. I had a video DMX (digital floroscopy-motion based xray) done to confirm what I already knew that basically every ligament in my neck is stretched and I hyper extend in all directions to the point that I’m about 1mm shy of being paralyzed. To add insult to injury, the trucking company lied and played things legally so I got hardly anything for pain and loss of motion for the rest of my life. I thankfully pursued chiropractic/massage therapy without which I have absolutely no doubt I’d be completely disabled. The established medical community (orthopedics, etc) has compete tunnel vision and offers nothing for my injuries. I still go to a chiropractor every 2 to 3 weeks to keep moving, and massage therapy when I can. I have to constantly push myself to keep working, exercising, etc. as the alternative of just quitting isn’t really an alternative. Judging on the reaction towards pain in friends, most people in my situation would be pain medicating big time. For the most part I’m able to deal with it, but have given in when I’ve gone months without more than 4-5 hours of restless sleep per night due to pain. I found neck and lower back pillows via Amazon that I simply wouldn’t be able to sleep without. I struggle daily with the emotional drain, depression, and grief this constant severe pain causes. Knowing the Lord personally as Savior and having a loving wife and daughter are what keep me waking up to face each day, but it isn’t easy by any means. I’m just glad that at least I can still work and function, albeit at a greatly reduced rate from what I used to. You are probably going to have to look into an anti-inflammatory diet to try to help. I wish there was a magic wand to wave, but for some of us, there just isn’t. Knowing this life is only temporary, it isn’t my real home, and knowing God’s wonderful saving grace and forgiveness now and when my time on earth is up is what makes life still worth living.

  28. Chronic pain is even worse when it comes from the results of the errors/crimes of another. I was hit by a car/truck while out cycling a few years ago…they fled the scene…and it’s cost me lots of money and has left me with steadily increasing worse chronic pain, especially in the shoulder/upper ribs…but the real pain is the money I’ve had to shell out of pocket because of what someone else did. Talk about sucking! But I feel for you all. I’ve had chronic pain daily for about ten years now…and it’s slowly getting worse. My only hope to end the physical pain is to die. No, I’m not suicidal, just acknowledging that death is salvation in a sorts…we are finally saved from the physical pain of a body that fails, hurts, etc.. Looking forward to it! Even if Yeshua Mashiach wasn’t who they said he was…I’m still looking forward to never having to wake up in this world again. But then again, maybe morbidity is a side effect of chronic pain?

  29. Patricia says:

    They told me to go ahead and have the back surgery…the pain will drive you to it anyway. It did. After the back surgery, still the pain…the pain will drive you to ??? I’m hanging on but EVERYTHING is tainted through the pain. At 65 and having achieved my goals, what is next?

  30. Johnny H Hall says:

    When you are in constant pain i think your family and friends sometimes do not believe you i know my wife thins i use it not to do things but i work full time i just don’t have anything left its hard to live like this

  31. John says:

    Hi I cannot believe how true this is. I have been in pain for years,and what I have just been reading is if someone has been reading my brain and how I am.So sorry to hear that someone’s in the same place as my self.Take care and I hope things get better for you Many thanks John

  32. Angela says:

    Hello , my name is Angela Zemmer and I been living with chronic pain ever since the last time my head was hit . I seen my Doctor quiet a few times, because of all the pain I am always in. I feel that she does not believe me. But she has not helped me at all , nothing, so I stop seeing her . When with the pain I do not fill safe to drive , so I do not want to drive further to see another Doctor that takes my Insurance. I am SUFFERING so much I feel as if I am going crazy. What should I do, what can I do? To get her to please help me .

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